Roaches Joinery always meets the requirements placed on it by building control, local planning authorities and environmental demands.  We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a range of bespoke products to satisfy all needs: From single glazed traditional windows to double glazed windows that work towards meeting aesthetic, architectural specification.


This example of a traditional single glazed sliding sash on weighted pulleys was a replication of the existing window in this village centre cottage.  Glazed in Polish cyinder glass to replicate the ripples and pits indicative of historic glass.


Here the requirement was for a Victorian sliding sash on weighted pulleys that retained its original integrity but was to be double glazed and draft sealed.  Double glazing often results in a heavy glazing bar that can detrimentally effect the visual appearance of a window.  Our system provides a slimline glazing bar that more closely matches original sash design and makes a double glazed window that is an acceptable design in a conservation area.