Below is a worked example showing some of the processes involved in the restoration of a bow window.  In this particular circumstance both the customer and planning authorities required (where possible) that original joinery should be conserved.


A combination of techniques including hardwood timber splicing and resin repairs are shown below.  The original cylinder glass was carefully removed, cleaned and re-fitted.

winster bow trailer 022

Before                                        After

Restoration involves the repair, replacement and refurbishment, and where necessary the replication of original joinery (where it is nolonger economical or practical to restore).  Some of the methods of fixing rattles and making tired, old, neglected windows look as good as the day they were first installed are outlined below:


-  Sympathetic and considerate approach when appraising repair work, with the customer being kept fully informed

  of the process and extent of restoration.


-  Durable epoxy resin system to form permanent repairs once rot has been removed.


-  Replacing part or whole elements (such as cills and mullions) through hardwood splicing.


-  Removal and appropriate replacement of failed or cracked putties.


-  Draft proofing.


-  Broken glass replaced with alternatives that maintain the character of your original timber window.


-  Ease stuck windows, replace sash cords and weights, and rebalance sashes.